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Title RE: Can I ask something?
Written by Seoul_Youth Date 2016-12-13 13:18:18 Hits 4,728
Dear. Sir&Madam
This is Seoul Youth Hostel.
You don't need to have a parent's letter of consent
But if you want to have a student discount about room fee, you should bring your student card.
Thank you.


Greetings from Japan! 
I know this is sudden,but I want to inquire about something.
I planned the traveling alone of Seoul in January in 2017.
Therefore,I want to stay at this youth hostel during 3 nights,but I'm only 17 years old.(I was born in 1999.)
That is to say I'm a minor.
If I have my parent's letter of consent,Can I stay there?
I'll keep waiting your answer.
Thank you very much for your kind attention!
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