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Title RE: Room available on 19-21 June
Written by Seoul_Youth Date 2023-04-19 14:48:17 Hits 97

Dear. Cecilia Kwok


This is Seoul Youth Hostel.

Sorry. Unfortunately, there are no vacancies on those days.

All rooms booked fully.

If you'd like to stay different date, please inquire again.

Thank you.




Dear Sir,

Can I check for the available on 19-21 June, 2023.

Check in date: 19th June, 2023 (Mon)
Check out date: 21th June, 2023
Total No. of pax: Around 20
Room type:
1st choice: Youth Room (10 Guests) X 2 Rooms
2nd choice:  Korean Room (10 Guests) X 2 Rooms
Thank you so much.
Cecilia Kwok

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